Hanoi Panoramic Photos

On our very short trip to Vietnam, we took some panoramic photos of Hanoi.

Hanoi Street

Classic early morning rainy street photo of Hanoi's Old Quarter.

Hanoi Street cafe

Doing what we do best. Drinking coffee and people watching.

View from Sheraton

View of the Intercontinental Hotel from the Sheraton Hanoi.


The green lake next to the Old Quarter.

Hanoi City

View of Hanoi from a relatively over-priced cafe in the Old Quarter.

Ho Chi Minh

The Ho Chi Minh Memorial.

Hanoi Shops

The colorful shops of Hanoi.

Hanoi Lake

Another view of Hanoi from the Sheraton.

Quan An Ngon restaurant

One of our favorite places to eat in the Old Quarter: Quan An Ngon.

Street View

Great example of the bustling traffic in a typical intersection.

Hanoi War Museum

US and French airplane wreckage and bombs at the Hanoi War Museum.

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