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What in the heck is the ROCO Project?
Founded in 2010 with Lily
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Rocking Our Children's Outlook! We have a plan to give our children, and children that follow us, a unique perspective of the world. To better understand it, you need to know who we are first.

Who are we?
Four people... soon to be six!

We are 2 married couples without children (we've had 2 since this site was written). We're all somewhat experts in our respective profession. I am the web designer and internet marketing expert. My wife is a professional photographer. Our friends are: a school teacher/author that has a doctorate in education and her husband is a business wizard. Between us we have skills perfectly matched for what we plan on undertaking.

Our Plan
Expose young minds to the wonders of the world!

We're planning on having 2 kids per couple within the next 5 years. After this, we will be slowly gearing up for 1 year around the world. This will be done around 2020. At this time, our children will be around 7-10 years old. We then will be volunteering and living all over the planet, documenting our adventures, and sharing them with schools around the country.

Our Goal
Share our collective insight

We want to present our ever-changing world to our children first-hand in the most honest light. We will be sharing this new found understanding with as many other children as possible.

We hope you'll join us on our adventure over the next decade. As we learn more, and become more organized, you'll find more here on this site.
Keep an eye on us, and you won't regret it!



Here's a short video from our latest adventure to Vietnam.